it’s really hot but if i turn on the air conditioner i’ll probably get pneumonia

An Open Letter to Jose Antonio Vargas


We urge you to reflect on whom, in the struggle for your own rights and your own freedoms, you exclude and whose humanity you impinge. We call on you to stop promoting that “good immigrant” assimilationist narrative and we call on you to apologize for using the crisis of Central American children at the border as an opportunity to promote your own image. We invite you to come to California, to join us in our advocacy and service to community. We want you to see how the work that has laid out the platform for you to be able to go around and parade around this nation, and get arrested, is built.

This is an open letter written by myself and a good friend addressing Mr. Vargas’ position in the immigrant rights movement and the serious need for him, along with us, to stop giving weight to dangerous assimilationist narratives with our stories and with our work. 

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i spent like the first 10 minutes of this dinner being really confused about the appetizer being pea soup that people were eating with tortilla chips but i have been informed it was guacamole

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tbh I’ve never had a chimichanga and I’m not very interested in changing that

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"[TW: rape]
We do know something about most men who rape. For example, numerous studies have found that while they tend to be more emotionally constricted than nonaggressive men, and are often angry and hostile to women, most of them are psychologically “normal.” The psychologist David Lisak points out that the old stereotype of the rapist was derived in part from extensive studies with incarcerated rapists, many of whom committed acts of grievous violence against their victims, who were often strangers. But according to Lisak, research over the past twenty years clearly demonstrates that the vast majority of rapes are perpetrated by what he calls “undetected rapists,” and they usually know their victims. Undetected rapists are men who typically behave in stereotypically masculine ways, see sex as conquest, and are hypersensitive to any perceived slight against their manhood. But they are not crazy, and they are not sociopaths. “There is simply no evidence, save the rape itself,” Katharine Baker writes in the Harvard Law Review, “suggesting that all or even most rapists are objectively depraved.” Chillingly, she goes on to say that given the social norms that encourage it, there is evidence that rape is “culturally dictated, not culturally deviant.”"

— Jackson Katz, Macho Paradox: Why Some Men Hurt Women and How All Men Can Help (via wretchedoftheearth)
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The Walking Dead Meme || (7/10) Characters

∟ Michonne

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#idris is like don’t lie white boy whose name i forget

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pale mexicans always have like a million recommendations for what you can do to bleach your skin

ah the old lechero joke lmao

i went from the lechero joke to back-handed compliments (ni estas tan prieta/no estas tan morena como tu hermana/no pareces negra de verdad) and tips on how lighten myself up